Dr. Marcos Grande

Dr. Marcos Grande has been in the dental field for over 20 years

Grande Dental Care is a full service dentist office that offers a one-stop shop for a wide range of dental care needs.

Dr. Grande is an experienced dentist and under his skillful leadership, he provides complete dental care, from preventive care services such as hygiene visits, cleanings, and cavities, to more complex dental procedures including dental implants, root canal treatments, bone replacement surgery, orthodontics, full mouth reconstruction and laser dentistry.

Located in Herndon, Virginia. Dr. Grande and his staff speak English and Spanish.


At ARM we created a live radio show in Spanish featuring Dr. Grande to draw him closer to the Hispanic community who could call and ask him questions during the program. We also created a Facebook campaign in English for the general market as well as flyers in Spanish to reach the Hispanic market.

Learn more about Grande Dental Care at http://grandedentalcare.com


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