The Children Peace Book

Finally, after many diagrams and Design Thinking methods, The Children Peace Book was one of the possible solutions to a complex problem that affects Colombians. Following many of the references I discussed on the second blog post of this project, I designed a children’s story book that could use collective memory as the starting point […]

What is Design for Sustainability? Explained with coffee shop pictures

I always find people saying Sustainability? Huh, so you are an environmental designer. No, I am not an environmental designer, not that I wouldn’t be, actually that’s a 33.3% of what I do if not a little less. Sustainability as a word has become a barrier because it sounds so patronizing. At the same time […]

Tip for Millennials: Turn Your Disadvantage into Your Advantage

I arrived on the first day of my internship at Ogilvy & Mather a little scared. I was going to be there only for one day, But that was okay. I was 21, inexperienced, still looking like a teenager, and with no idea what to do. There was no desk for me, of course, because the new copy writer, Margie, started that day also and she took the only desk available.