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Why Multicultural Marketing?

Is there any difference with just traditional marketing?

I remember when, in the early 90s, an advertising campaign only included ads on TV, print, outdoor, point of purchase (POP), radio and direct mail. Segmenting was easy. You reached people of certain age, genre, location, socio-economic status and lifestyle.

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Think Big

Tip for Millennials:

When Your Passion is Bigger than You

When people ask me why I have several interns in my agency, I always reply, “Because I know how hard it is to start a career with no experience at all, pus, they help me and I help them.” However, deep inside of me, I’m just paying forward.

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Tip for Millennials:

Turn Your Disadvantage into Your Advantage

I arrived on the first day of my internship at Ogilvy & Mather a little scared. I was going to be there only for one day, But that was okay. I was 21, inexperienced, still looking like a teenager, and with no idea what to do.

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