Social Media Campaign and Event Marketing for Dingo the Dog App

Recently launched, Dingo the Dog App needed to reach dog owners in a personalized way. Our client wanted a social media campaign, but he also needed some advice about how to maximize an informational booth at the “DogFest Walk ‘n Roll Washington D.C.” event at the Reston Town Center (RTC), where he planned to promote his dog scale to the public.


We created a social media campaign to get the word out about the booth and the scale that Dingo was going to have at the event. We advised him to hand out flyers at the RTC, inviting people to visit the booth. We encouraged him to use a banner to catch attention at the event, and we helped him coordinate volunteers at the booth. We ordered t-shirts as a last-minute request, and although we were pressed for time, everything was delivered on-time.


After an intense social media campaign, Dingo the Dog App’s Facebook page increased “likes” by 2,000% in only 5 days and, at the RTC event, a line formed by interested people and their dogs at the Dingo booth. Every visitor downloaded the app, and they all walked away with free ball throwers featuring the Dingo the Dog App’s logo.


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